Aging is Overrated

Posted by Lisa Selwitz on

Death and taxes. Those are the things we can count on. No one escapes the first, but a good accountant can help you with the second. And unless you’re Benjamin Button, none of us can escape aging. It’s gonna happen, but why rush things? Yeah, it’s inevitable, but it doesn’t have to happen so quickly. Let’s just slow things down a bit, shall we?

There are lots of actions we can take to slow the aging process.

Messages are everywhere, telling us to exercise and eat healthy, get enough sleep, and limit this that and the other thing. We’re down with all of that. (Well, maybe not so much the limiting this that and the other thing gotta have a little fun...) But perhaps nothing is easier than limiting sun exposure to protect ourselves from the ravaging effects it can have on our skin, not to mention our health. We’re not snobs about how to do that. We advocate sunscreen regardless. If you’re in a pool or running or doing any myriad of activities that don’t allow you to carry a Lily-Lark parasol or even a regular umbrella, we encourage sunscreen usage. Sun damage is perhaps the harshest natural element to affect your skin and make you appear older.

What if you aren’t able to do yoga every day or eat kale or constantly apply all the moisturizers and the latest peptides and retinoids to your face? At least use a parasol. Or a traditional umbrella. Or a hat. And sunscreen. Consider this a public service announcement for your skin. You don’t have to use our product. But please use something. Because you’re at a wonderful age at this very moment. Though you don’t necessarily have to look it. 

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