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Lily-Larks are unique, and it helps to know a few things about using them to make your experience a delight.

  • Store your parasol in a cool, dry place.
  • Use them only for sun. While water-resistant, you should still use your everyday, run-of-the-mill (yawn) umbrella for rain.
  • There are no rules for mixing prints when deciding what to wear with your Lily-Lark. Combine plaids with florals, animal prints with abstracts, and large patterns with large patterns. It’s also okay to mix drinking with carrying a parasol, but we don’t recommend driving while carrying a parasol.
  • Be pushy. When opening your Lily-Lark, push the spokes up by lifting the round center piece higher until it ‘clicks’ into place. Little wood wings jut out to hold that round piece in place. Sometimes the parasol will be a little tight and resist going all the way up, but the parasols are rather sturdy and can withstand pressure. You may need to give it a quick, strong shove until it pops into place.

  • There’s a case to be made for having a carrying case. Take it with you when you go out, to carry your parasol when not in use.
  • Be conscious of how vertical your parasol is when being carried over the shoulder. We’ve noticed that some people prefer not to be clocked with it when you turn around. (The rest of the population is not partial to it either….) Raise the parasol about a foot higher above people that you pass, to prevent poking and pissing off other pedestrians. 
  • Be aware that you may get a lot of positive attention. Some people who comment on your parasol are hitting on you as you go by. And some are just admiring your good taste.

  • Last, do NOT let a smile be your umbrella. Lovely as it may be, It has no sun-protective qualities whatsoever.


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