Where or when to carry a parasol

Let's say you're thinking about carrying a Lily-Lark parasol, but you've never had a sun parasol before and you're not quite sure when to use it. HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES TO OPEN ONE UP:

  1. 1. Walking around the city
  2. 2. Walking your dog
  3. 3. Walking through a park
  4. 4. Meandering around a flea market, outdoor party or summer event
  5. 5. Sitting in the bleachers at your child's softball game
  6. 6. Graduations in the hot sun
  7. 7. Outdoor shopping
  8. 8. Botanical gardens and zoos
  9. 9. Waiting in line
  10. 10. Waiting not in line. But still waiting.
  11. 11. On vacation, walking around a tropical resort
  12. 12. On a cruise after docking to walk around town
  13. 13. On boardwalks at beach towns
  14. 14. And for those who are so inclined to trade in their finest millinery for a chic Lily-Lark parasol – you must carry one at the Kentucky Derby. (We recommend the 31" Coral Roses for this occasion)