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There’s something wonderful about being out in nature to celebrate an experience as natural as love. It transports us to a place inside ourselves that connects us to the sensuousness of life. And an outdoor wedding creates a feeling of connectivity with everyone present at the event.

Many years ago, Japan made shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing,” a part of its national health program. The aim was to briefly reconnect people with nature in the simplest way possible. Go to the woods, breathe deeply, be at peace.1

Your big day doesn’t have to be in the woods. The beach, a garden, even a backyard allows us to feel connected on a deeper level to nature and each other.

If you decide to have your wedding outdoors, we have some recommendations:

1. Wear your hair up to stay cool.

2. Don't be a runaway bride. And wear less makeup so it doesn’t run during the festivities, either. You can set it with spray and use matte foundation.

3. Select lighter colors for the bridesmaids' dresses which also helps to stay cool.

4. Tents for the reception are a wonderful way to do the indoor-yet-outdoor thing. Have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!

5. Preferably don't get your guests drunk. (There's always that one uncle you can't do anything about...) But do provide plenty of beverages for everyone to stay hydrated.

6. Have sunblock readily available, at least for the guys. Women might not want to mess up their makeup. Which is why we recommend #7.

7. Take care of your bridesmaids by giving them sun-protective parasols. Lily-Lark makes beautiful UV parasols to complement any bridesmaid dress of any color. It's also something they can use for many years. And it's a more memorable gift to give them than a trinket they’ll end up losing on a trip to Cabo with their girlfriends.

8. Breathe deeply, be at peace.

1. The Atlantic: ‘Forest Bathing’: How Microdosing on Nature Can Help With Stress. June 30th 2017.


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