Lily-Lark Parasols

The most beautiful skin protection under the sun

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The world is raving about our soft fabric UV sun parasols

"The handmade piece is part singular masterpiece, part functional sun shield (98% protection), a riot of color and digital graphics that help you make an entrance to be reckoned with."

"Lily-Lark hand-makes its bamboo frames and drapes them with modern artful prints, ranging from colorful mosaics of stripes and zigzags to non-meek florals."

"These gorgeous, handmade fabric parasols by Lily-Lark are wearable art … the Tesla of parasols."

Protection from Head to Toe.

As important as it is to have shoes that support your feet and also look pretty, we feel the same priorities are important in a Lily-Lark sun parasol. Find out what happened when Lily-Lark and Walking Cradles Shoe Company came together for a collaboration.

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