About Lily-Lark

Lily-Lark is superior sun protection for women who thrive on quality and style.

Most of us are aware of how harmful exposure to the sun’s UV rays has become. The options to protect ourselves aren’t sufficient. SPF creams can be messy, toxic, and don’t last. Hats often won’t cover the full face, and hat hair doesn’t look good on anyone.

Umbrellas have emerged as the latest go-to sun protection option for women. But most umbrellas are made of cheap nylon, metal, and a whole lot of boring.

Something more elegant than an umbrella was called for, which is why we’ve created chic, handcrafted parasols with a UPF 50+ coating that protect from over 99% of UV rays. Our Asian-inspired bamboo frames are topped by soft fabric canopies printed with exclusive contemporary fine art.