Is this the summer you start carrying a sun parasol?

Posted by Lisa Selwitz on

It can be hard to think about taking precautions with the sun when we’re so preoccupied with protecting ourselves in a pandemic. But, according the World Health Organization, 80% of skin cancers can be prevented, because UV damage can be avoided.

We don’t think about carrying an umbrella in the rain. We just do. And for the most part, it gets the job done. It isn’t required to make us look pretty while carrying it. It isn’t required to go with an outfit. It isn’t required to do anything other than keep rain off of us. And most of us are willing to carry a plain, boring umbrella to protect ourselves from getting wet.

But what about the sun? Hats are good. But not all hats are UV protective, and most of them don’t cover enough of you to protect your shoulders, chest, hands and more. Plus, you’re stuck with hat hair. Bleh.

Enter the sun parasol. Not an umbrella, mind you. Not a lacy, sheer, or paper parasol. A good sun parasol uses material that’s UPF 50+, to protect the user from over 98% of the sun’s UV rays. It’s easy to carry, and protects a larger portion of your body than a hat. That’s considered to be a good parasol. Now, a great parasol is attractive as well, and maybe comes in different prints.

If in the end, however, you decide you want a parasol that’s UPF 50+, and not just attractive, but a work of contemporary fine art, with a fabric canopy on a bamboo frame, then you really want an extraordinary parasol. When you carry that work of art in your hand, it’s quite different than carrying an umbrella. It’s fun. It’s chic. People will stop and ask where you got it. Fortunately, the diameter of the canopy will force social distancing. And then you can safely tell them it’s a Lily-Lark parasol.



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